I have officially been in Japan one whole month and it feels like I only arrived yesterday. 

Time flies & here’s why:

(A debriefing of a day in the life of a Shiro Oni intern)

Every morning I wake up, enjoy a wonderful 7/11 iced latte or some of Yoji’s delicious coffee and head to the office at 9am.

Between the hours of 9am and noon the four of us – Kjell, Yoji, Chase and I – work out the staff & studio schedule, deciding what our focus for the day is. Within this meeting time, we are constantly working towards different ways to improve the residency. 

I’ve gotten the opportunity to help edit/improve the website; I’ve learned to use different programs like photoshop, illustrator, and premiere; I’ve helped document the artists in their studios & workshops (my photography skills have improved immensely… yay!); I help run the new Instagram page and current Facebook and twitter page; I help edit the mailchimp newsletter; and on top of that, Chase and I are collaborating on the first ever video about the residency program for the website. Fingers crossed we can create something up to par!

But, the wonderful thing about this place is that everyone is so talented and knows so much AND is willing to share what they know. So not only do I learn from my colleagues but from participants in the program. It’s a really neat collaboration environment.

So depending on the day’s agenda, most of these things are mainly worked on during the first half of the day.

Then, between 1pm and 5pm we have artist support hours where we help any artist who needs assistance. Along with that, many of our workshops are also scheduled during the afternoon hours. So far we’ve had Japanese lessons, a tea ceremony workshop, a private taiko lesson, and the zen meditation workshop. Tomorrow I get to visit a tofu factory for our next workshop.

So many things that make time just blur together!

At night from about 8:00pm-10:00pm I get to attend Aio-Cho practice (Onishi’s community taiko team). 

And yes, I am almost an amateur taiko master. T-4 days until the festival!

I’ll be sure to post a video of me drumming while on the shrine. 


One month down, one to go!

Hope you got a good feel of my day to day. Thanks for reading!

(Here’s the bento box themed flyer photo for the next exhibition… I work with some pretty cool people)


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